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Expert Roofing Services
in South Carolina

The roof of your home is an investment to your entire property’s value. It’s important to choose one of the top roofing companies that not only provides an attractive, functional, and a quality roof but is also knowledgeable in the various important aspects of roofing. It includes knowing the pros and cons of installing metal roofing or any other type of roofing, and then suggesting the best possible roofing material for your home, after a thorough personal inspection.

How a roof is installed is crucial to the integrity of your home.

We, at Carolina Roofing, Siding and Window understand your roofing needs very well, and specialize in quality roofing solutions for residential homeowners in Spartanburg SC, Greenville SC, and the neighbouring areas.

Our professionals don’t cut corners and have mastered techniques that help prevent leaks, mold and other detrimental erosion to your roof, including quality underlayment, complex shingle installation and expert roof joint installation to prevent water damage.

The owner Richard Stone, is an expert roofing contractor with decades of experience of serving in South Carolina, especially Greenville County and Spartanburg, among others. He personally inspects each roof, then provides a detailed plan of action to his team of workers, including instruction for proper nailing depth, lines, and intersecting roof joints. This personal touch ensures each roof is installed to the highest quality.

A final inspection from company owners is included in the cost of each roof. Our dedicated team of workers then cleans the site, clearing hardware and debris often left by other companies.

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

We are a locally trusted name and one of the top roofing companies serving in Spartanburg SC, Greenville SC, among others. We also specialize in Vinyl Siding repair and replacement, custom replacement windows, seamless guttering solutions, storm damage repair services, and more.


Call us on 864.809.4900 for a FREE personalized consultation and quote.


To further help you finalize the best roofer for your home in Greenville, Spartanburg, SC, we have compiled a list of Top 10 Questions to Ask before hiring a Roofing Contractor.

Serving Spartanburg, Greenville,
and surrounding
areas in SC

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